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Are you planning on selling your old damaged car? We’ll gladly have them in our shop. Bigg Dogg Recycling is a trusted junk car buyer for almost two decades. We had serviced more than hundreds of individuals, including big businesses in Eugene, OR. We provide fair pricing, fast pick up service, and friendly assistance. We want to be the best buyer you’ll find in the industry.

Services We Offer:

Cash for Junk Vehicle
Saying goodbye to your old partner might be difficult but in case you're short of money and planning to buy a new one, it's nice to have alternatives too. Always remember that our scrap car buyers are open for business. We accept cars in any condition, including ones that have been damaged by a collision.
Cash for Old Truck
Do you have a malfunctioned heavy truck, garbage truck, or tanker truck? They are quite heavy but don't you worry. We have heavy towing equipment capable of bringing them to the garage. Our towing service is usually free so save time and money while getting rid of your problem. Here at Bigg Dogg Recycling, your junk is our treasure.

What to Know Before the Sale?

Our specialists are on the phone ready to give you the best assistance. When weighing the price of the car, we usually consider the current metal scrap value, the brand of your car, its weight, condition, mileage, and location. In case you want to compare our prices with other scrap car buyers, we suggest that you use a scrap car calculator online. It’s not always accurate since the prices can still vary from location to location but it’ll give you a good lead.

If you like a better assessment, though, make sure to arrange for a site visit. We’ll send our specialist for the inspection. In case you like the offer, we won’t waste time and pick up the junk car right away. Our junk vehicle buyers always pay upfront in cash so if you need the money fast, don’t hesitate to speak with us.

When is the Best Time to Sell It?

Can’t still decide whether to junk your car or not? We understand how you feel. Junking a thing we had saved up and used for years can make you feel empty. However, goodbyes are necessary for new beginnings, most importantly, if there are consuming space and causing serious problems.

Unused cars are mostly unmaintained. They can be a breeding ground for pests such as ants, mites, and rats. Since they’re not used for a long time, many owners tend to put them on the least secure part of the garage, making them more susceptible to rust. This will not only ruin its exterior but also its valuable parts. Before they become impossible to salvage, give our local junk car buyers a call.

If you’re torn between having the car disposed of or fix, consider the root cause of the problem. Are you doing it for money or sentimental value? Unless your answer is the latter, break down the potential cost of the repair. Take note of the pros and cons you’ve discovered.

Bigg Dogg Recycling is home to trustworthy private junk car buyers. Make the best of your assets in Eugene, OR by choosing us for your car’s disposal.

Client’s Testimonial

Great Service!

Just had my second vehicle towed away by Big Dogg recycling. Showed up promptly and offered fair price. I highly recommend this company

Bigg Dogg Recycling
Eugene, OR 97401
Phone: (541) 221-2914

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